About Us

AVR Creative was founded by Alexandra Reinis and her passion and love for design and color.

Alexandra holds a Diploma in Interior Designer. She also works in Home staging, decorating and Visual Merchandising.  She has recently participated in various immersive Prop Styling Workshops in New York, and is collaborating on various Lifestyle shoots as a Prop Stylist.

Her strong interest in photography led her to discover and explore creative photography and working with still life.  “I love hyper realism and i love to experiment with colors and textures. I also very much enjoy the essence of Nature and Landscapes. I decided to recreate my photo works and capture and mesmerize audiences with my unique style. I now recreated these as wall murals in Vinyl and Textile prints.

My work consists of anything from florals, landscapes, mirage, tapestry inspired motifs and nature settings.

I like to bring my clients deep into the work with my imagination and vivid imagery.

Everything you see is something.